Welcome to my web-site


If you have been to my web-site before, "Welcome back"

I have up-loaded four new images into the Gallery which I hope enjoy. Please send me your feedback.

On this website you will find an eclectic mix of photographs. My technique is to create an image from a simple photograph, into something different - something that might be worth exhibiting, something I like to call Digital Art. These creative interpretations are not to everyone's taste - but that is art!

This web-site has not been designed for commercial purposes. It is for my own amusement and mental exercise! However, if you would like to buy a print, framed or simply mounted, please get in touch.

One or two visitors to this web-site have asked why I don't have a blog. The simple answer is that I want visitors to "talk" to me - and not the world, where I have often noticed people getting into discussions, even arguments, that don't concern me or my web-site. So if you want to say hello to me privately - send me compliments or criticisms, then this is the way to do it - through the "Contact Me" page

So what is Digital Art?
A graphic artist would use a pen and tablet, and a lot of skill, to draw images onto a computer screen: to create a digital image. I use photographs and manipulative software to produce a similar result. Digital art is not photography. I might use only one photograph and manipulate that ......

Shades of Blue

.........or several photographs:

Wings over Stonehenge

In each case I start with and idea but, like the painter artist, quite often sometimes throw it all away and start again if I feel it is not working. I will work on an image over several sessions, possibly over several days, weeks or even months until I feel I have produced something I like - just like an artist. I find that an excellent test is to re-visit the image several times and when I get to the stage when I feel I don't need to carry out further adjustments, I consider it's done. Or maybe! The effect of an image in print can look very different to one on a screen. I have been known to re-visit an image six months or more to make sure it gives the effect I want.

You will notice in the gallery that there are several images which are obviously straight-forward photographs. I plan to replace them over time with "Digital Art". But in the mean-time, please enjoy and even send me your comments.


All images displayed on this website remain the sole property of Alan Capps Photography. Images may not be downloaded, reproduced, copied, projected or used in any way whatsoever without the explicit written consent of Alan Capps